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Testimonies From Clients

Anita Parrish: The Grief Recovery Method® (GRM) was a life safe for me and for those who was experiencing it on different levels at the same time.

James Longley, Florida Highway Patrol: Dr. Tate was awesome and went beyond the call of duty to ensure that I completed my sessions. He believed in me sometimes more than I believed in myself. I believe I gained more than a therapist, but a lifetime friend.

Minister Charles S. Crawford: Truthfully speaking, I used to get high behind the college I’m now attending (Everest College). Three of my wives passed away in 2010 & 2011 during the months of February and March. ... (I)… Attempted suicide got even higher on drugs, etc. One day on my way to my therapist, depressed as usual … (I)… got on the wrong bus. This made matters even worse because I was going to be late for my appointment. I sat down next to this brother, who I thought was a Muslim because of his outfit. I talked, he listened and that’s when I knew I had to interview him as my class project for the T.V. and Film course I chose. After the interview, I knew what had to be done, so I decided to do a documentary on him. We’re in production now and my life’s path, I know, would have been much different if I didn’t meet Dr. Tate.  

Craig Dauksis: Dr. Tate's guidance in a difficult time in my life was a blessing. When all the world's chaos urges us to look to others for guidance, he helped remind me our greatest gifts come from within. Thank you. "The light in me salutes the light in you." ~ Namaste

Dondre Axson: Dr. D's Grief recovery class helped me realize that recovery is achieved through honesty, humility, and forgiveness. I can take this with me to the graveyard. THANK YOU DOC. NAMASTE.


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Kujaatele Kweli of Kweliworks: Your course is truly awesome. I had been dealing myself with the pain of a broken heart. Your course helped me to heal, forgive and move on without hostility. This reminded me of the words of a wise sage who once astutely advised: "No matter how smart or strong you are, the mind and heart that feeds only on itself is undernourished." Thank you for the nourishment. Succeed in continuing to bring the light.


Ricardo Enrique Jemine Jr.: What are some of the most difficult circumstances in life to face? It's not growing up or how dysfunctional one’s families is or is she/he committed to the relationship. It's neither the job nor what college one chooses to attend. Not even is it my time to die. The most difficult circumstance, I believe, is facing yourself when these circumstances occur, and this is the question the program ask of you. What does it feels like to be on the other side of grief? What you will discover within this program will amaze you and power vault you to the other side called healing. We are in this together.


William N. Clark: The Grief Recovery Method® has given me the tools necessary to properly address and move past the losses I have experienced. This method, and its representative, (Dr. Tate) have enabled me to recognize and come to terms with those events in my life which have caused me pain and anguish. Through these sessions I have been able to learn the right approach and technique to apply to my future so as to live a happier and more fulfilling life. By confronting and understanding past problems. I have a much clearer vision of why and how past events have been a barrier to the present and future. I congratulate and thank this method and its representative for offering me a way to understand the past and prepare for a better future.


Robert Campbell: My first thought was do I really want to get involved. I signed up and after the first class I knew that I really needed this class. For the first time in my life, I was introduced to the realization that my feelings and emotions that hindered me throughout my life were not entirely my fault. I talked about things in my past that have been buried inside me and this class made me aware that I should bring it out and move on. I believe that the way the class was presented, and the emotion of my instructor is the real reasons that the program worked for me….I recommend this course for everyone.


Linda McClain Miller: Although I was very nervous, Dr. Tate created a comfortable atmosphere for me that made me feel welcome and assured that I can trust him. I would recommend The Grief Recovery Method® to any and every one that is going through any grief in their life.

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