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To your needs and representing your group in the best possible fashion, I am available to speak as a guest speaker, panel discussion and/or attend an event, or meeting.

Filling Out a Form

If you are new to therapy with Dr. Donald Tate, I provide downloadable forms you can fill out for my services.

In the Classroom

We provide answers to your questions on Behavioral Educational Consultant Service, The Grief Recovery Method®, How will this program help war veterans with PTSD, How will this program benefit homosexual, bisexual persons struggling with self-identity, and many more.

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This website is designed for general educational and information purposes only and does not render medical advice, unless otherwise indicated.

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We provide the following links listed for you with additional online mental health care information. 

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We provide you with article that will empower you

Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Dr. Donald Tate & Associates, we look forward to serving you with our satisfaction guaranteed.

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