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Our Plan & Vision

Our Plan 

To increase self-awareness and self-actualization through strategies that focus on the following:

Personal Commitment
The journey towards a balanced and naturally healthy lifestyle begins and ends with a personal commitment.

The Belief
One can heal oneself and others through the belief that it is possible. This is especially true for those who have experienced loss in their lives.
(Grief Recovery Method®).

Our Vision

Our Plan incorporates therapeutic techniques focusing on healing one’s mind, body and overall quality of wellness, utilizing information from a government study at

We are a Behavioral Educational Consulting service that combines Mind-Body Meditation & Relationship Coach.  We recognize that whatever affects one part of us affects our whole body. Our Plan is a holistic approach to the “wholistic” notion that positive health is multi-faceted and mindful of the consequences of our habits and actions. We value the three basic R’s: Respect for self, Respect for others, and Responsibility for all our actions.

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Dr. Donald Tate & Associates, Inc.

1516 E. Colonial Dr. Suite 305 Orlando, FL 32803

Contact: (571) 969-7766

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