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This page encourages open and honest discussion about living with grief and loss at any stage during the process.  It is a place for resources and support to help you during a significant life change. In each Newsletter we will honor those who we’ve lost during the months by contacting us at releasethegrief@gmail.comWe want to remind you, the visitor that you’re not alone in your losses or your feelings of grief.  What we have in common is that the grief response is felt most intensely by the heart.  There is a common “language” amongst us who have experienced grief speak, one that can often be understood without words.  Many times all that is required to let someone know you have been there; that you understand their grief is just an understanding look, a gentle touch on the arm, a reassuring hub or a heart-felt note.


If you found yourself here, there is a high probability that you or someone you love is suffering from a broken heart. Is it due to a death, divorce or another major loss? If so you might feel sad, distracted, or confused. You are not alone. The Grief Recovery Method has been helping people feel better following a loss for 40 years. Below you can learn about our different Grief Recovery programs.

We create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere when grieving a lost loved one.  Our highly personalized approach is tailored to your individual needs to help you attain your personal and collective growth goals.

What is The Grief Recovery Method®

This is an action-based group that involves reading and writing assignments outlined in The Grief Recovery Handbook-20th Anniversary Expanded Edition. The student/s will receive all course-related materials when arriving at the first session, which will be held at, 1516 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 305, Orlando, FL. Limited space is available for these private/group sessions. Also, Designated locations and schedules will be discussed during the first session. After completion of the program, we will have a non-formal ceremony where the student/s will receive dinner and their certificate.

If you are interested in how much a program costs, simply press the appropriate button. It will immediately direct you to the form you requested. To pay for the session, click on the Sign-up button, you will be taken to the PayPal account, where you can pay easily and securely. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (571) 696-7766 to see when the next program starts or schedule a free consultation.

Go to the and click on E-book-download.

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