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APRIL 2023

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 Hello, my brothers and sisters,


Namaste, yes, spring is in the air & everywhere we look, we smell, we observed, we believe, and we ponder that never-ending question, “Am I closer to my dream?” I say yes!  Why, because the hope you have within you continues to spring up every time you think about the possibility of a state change. Whether it’s starting a business, pursuing your passion (calling), becoming aware that there is more out here/there than clocking in/out every day and receiving a check for your productivity & showing up just because you’re scheduled to work that day.


I want to encourage you, as you have been encouraging me, to spring up & out of your comfort zone and reevaluate yourself this spring of 2022. I believe this is an important season & time for those who have been procrastinating. For those who have been settling for the status quo. For those who are involved in a relationship believes that they cannot pursue their passion because of a relationship.  For those who are stuck on first shift, second shift & third shift. For those who are enrolled in a University, College and trade school that has made a conscious decision to change their major/minor because someone else suggested that they would make a better living at doing something else.


This season I want to challenge you to take heed of the quote our dearly departed brother (Dr. Steven Covey) advice, “We are not the product of our circumstance, we are the product of our decisions.


P.S. Be strong & encouraged, the best is yet to come:)

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